A Thousand Times the Rolling Sun, Old H. M Prison, Beechworth - Victoria, 2018
L____ A_____, Ender Baskan, Tim Bučković, Jessie Bullivant, R____ C______, Bindi Cole Chocka, Gabriel Curtin, Grace Ferguson, W___ H______, Jamie Hall, Paula Hunt, The Museum Incognita (Fayen d'Evie & Katie West), Tara O'Conal, C___ P______, Steven Rhall, Isadora Vaughn and Rudi Williams. 
Curated and facilitated by Gabriel Curtin


A Thousand Times The Rolling Sun was a project held in and responding to the Old H.M Prison in the historic town of Beechworth. Built in 1864 and ceasing operations in 2004, the prison’s exterior and interior spaces have long been estranged from one another. Its facade, relatively untouched since its original completion, has corroborated and perpetuated a specific history and narrative, particularly to do with Beechworth’s gold rush and Kelly gang affiliations. Since public entry, until very recently, has been extremely limited, the nuanced and tangled lineage of the prison have been obscured by its surface effect. This project attempts to investigate and celebrate the multiple histories and fallacies that comprise the prison. 


Project essay and Information here.

Art Agenda review here.

Documentation by Arron Rees.